Fiber Glass

Low Pressure Line Pipe

Bondstrand and Red Thread HP are low primary oilfield products. Depending on use, product ranges from 2" to 36" and rated for pressure up to 3000psi.


Bondstrand LPA pipe sections use taper/taper adhesive joints and weighs about a quarter to an eighth of the equivalent steel pipe line, so smaller lifting equipment is required and depending on diameter, typically crew of 3 to 6 is required for installation. Bondstrand LPA series is available in 2" to 12" and pressure classes of 300 psig to 3000 psig.


Filament wound with Aromatic Amine cured epoxy resins and fiberglass roving

Size Range:


Pressure Ratings:

300-3000 psig (20-206 barg)

Temperature Range:

Up to 200°F (93°C)


Bonded and O-Ring


  • Drainage lines
  • Potable water transport lines
  • Oilfield re-injection lines
  • Wastewater and sewage systems
  • Crude oil transmission lines
  • Gas transmission lines
  • Brackish water transport lines
  • Brine, saltwater and seawater lines


Filament wound product constructed of continuous glass filaments and epoxy resins. The maximum operating temperature is 210° F (99° C). Pipe and fittings are available in diameters of 2" through 42", with pressure ratings up to 450 psig. Compatible epoxy fittings are manufactured with the same pressure and temperature capabilities as the pipe. Depending on the application and the particular part and size, fittings will be compression molded, hand fabricated or filament wound.



Filament wound with amine cured epoxy resins and fiberglass roving

Size Range:



Available as API 15LR

Pressure Ratings:

225-450 psig

Temperature Range:

Up to 210° F (99° C)


T.A.B. (Threaded and Bonded) or Matched Taper Bell and Spigot Adhesive Bonded


Light chemical, CO2, Crude oil, Gas, Saltwater, Solvents and pH 2-13 solutions.



Filament wound with amine cured epoxy resins and fiberglass roving

Size Range:



Available as API 15LR

Pressure Ratings:

Up to 362 psig

Temperature Range:

Up to 210° F (99° C)


T.A.B. (Threaded and Bonded) or Matched Taper Bell and Spigot Adhesive Bonded


Light chemical, CO2, Crude oil, Gas, Saltwater, Solvents and pH 2-13 solutions.

Bondstrand and Red Thread HP Benefits:

Bondstrand and Red Thread HP offers many advantages. It offers significant saving due to its easy installation features. Due to its light weight, No heavy equipment is required for handling. Bondstrand and Red Thread HP offers the advantage of large diameters in pipe and fittings for handling high volume flowrates and offers superior corrosion resistance to oilfield fluids. Bondstrand and Red Thread HP provides an excellent application in the oilfield for production gathering, inner battery lines and water handling. Some of the major advantages are:

  • Light weight
  • Long service life
  • Improved flow characteristics
  • Corrosion resistance

Fiber Glass Tubing and Casing

Unique zero degree fiberglass layering sequence makes fibre Glass System as leading downhole GRE producer in the industry. Tubing is offered with pressure rating from 1000 to 3500 psi and size ranging from 1" to 9 5/8" diameter. Casing products range in size from 1" through 9 5/8" diameter with pressure ranges from 1000 to 3250 psi. The STARWell design program will assist in selecting the correct product based on tensile and collapse conditions.

NOV downhole products are used in a variety of highly corrosive applications such as saltwater and CO2 injection wells, due to corrosive nature of injection fluids, in observation wells for monitoring formations where steel can interfere with monitoring equipment, and in producing wells where steel products corrode easily. NOV Fiber Glass Systems offers GRE downhole tubing and casing products produced with three distinct curing agents that withstand temperatures up to 210 deg F (99 deg C).


  • Less breakout torque
  • Tighter thread tolerances
  • Less thread wear and higher thread shear
  • Superior Downhole Performance
  • Unique axial and balanced hoop reinforcement


STAR Anhydride Downhole Tubing and Casing

STAR Aliphatic Amine Tubing

STAR Aliphatic Amine Casing

STAR Aromatic Amine Tubing and Casing

Fiber Glass Spoolable Pipe

Fiberspar™ pipe is a spoolable product (LPS) that consists of an inner thermoplastic pressure barrier that is reinforced by high strength glass fibers embedded in an epoxy matrix. LPS is intended for corrosive gathering and injection applications including general and sour produced fluids and gases. LPS is available with high density polyethylene or high temperature polyethylene pressure barriers with temperature ratings to 140° F, 180° F and 203° F, respectively. The result is high pressure pipe immune to corrosion.

Size Range:

2" - 6"

Pressure Ratings:

750 to 3500 psi

Pipe Construction:

Continuous Single-Angle Filament Wound with Anhydride cured Epoxy structure. Exterior jacket layer included.

Temperature Range:

-29°F to 203°F (-34°C to 95°C)

Joining Method:

Mechanical - Flanged, Threaded or Custom


Not Applicable/Corrosion Resistance Metallic as needed.

Chemical Service:

All general services except solvents and aromatics.

Fiberspar LinePipeTM

Advantages meet Australia's unique needs

Fiberspar LinePipe is a spoolable glass-reinforced epoxy pipe which has achieved widespread preference over welded steel pipelines for in-field gathering and injection applications. Already widely used in oil and gas fields throughout North America, it has now been successfully installed for a major operator in Australia, creating new opportunities for efficiency and cost savings in the region.

In this first Australia Fiberspar LinePipe installation, approximately 50 km of LinePipe was installed for an operator in the Cooper Basin. This line will transport produced gas and will operate at 75°C and contain 25% aromatic hydrocarbons.

Engineered to consistently reduce overall installed and operating costs, and lower safety risks

Faster deployment in remote locations: With LinePipe, projects can be completed in days or weeks instead of months. Minimal use of heavy equipment is required, and much less manpower is needed on location. LinePipe is an ideal solution for remote projects across Australia. Because LinePipe is spoolable, a less precise, faster to make and lower-cost trench can be used without padding or expensive preparation. Metallic end fittings, or pipe-to-pipe connections for longer lines, are affixed to the pipe with simple, easy-to-use hand tools by certified installers.

No welding personnel required: Scarcity of skilled welding personnel, especially in remote regions, is a significant drawback to steel pipeline installations in Australia. Fiberspar LinePipe requires no welding, cathodic protection, wraps, coatings or internal chemical treatments. Fittings, which are typically few in number, are installed in 25 minutes or less in most applications.

Corrosion-free and aromatics-friendly: Highly aromatic hydrocarbons are common in Australian operations. LinePipe is designed with an interior HDPE barrier layer to contain the fluid and an outer structural GRE layer that provides pressure retaining ability and strength, making it unaffected by aromatic hydrocarbons, or sour production. LinePipe is completely immune to corrosion.

NOV Fiber Glass Systems has installed in excess of 24 million meters of LinePipe for over 450 operators in North and South America, the Middle East, and now in Australia.

Whether you operate in Australia or anywhere around the world, contact us to learn more about how Fiberspar LinePipe can reduce the total installed and operating costs of your next project.


High Pressure Line Pipe

Wenco is the authorised distributor of NOV Products formerly Ameron. NOV Fiber Glass Systems leads the world in supplying piping systems to a multitude of applications and service conditions within the chemical and industrial marketplace.

NOV is the leading manufacturer of fiberglass reinforced epoxy (GRE) products for onshore and offshore oilfield corrosion control in a variety of low to high pressure oilfield applications. With over 60 years of experience in the industry, NOV manufacture the most highly recognized and respected brands. These include STAR™ line pipe, Red Thread™ line pipe, Bondstrand™ line pipe and Fiberspar™ spoolable pipe.

High Pressure Line Pipe Product Guide.


Corrosion Control

Resists corrosion caused by CO2, H2S and saltwater. Requires no protective coating.

Reduced Line Pipe Installation Cost

Light and easy to handle. Less personnel and equipment needed during installation.

Improved Flow Capacity

Smoother interior pipe surface increases efficiency and resists scale/paraffin build-up.

The epoxy resin systems NOV offers include aliphatic amine, aromatic amine, and anhydride and each provides slightly different chemical and temperature resistance. Fiberglass reinforcement provides the structural strength. Line pipe is manufactured to a minimum design life of 20 years at rated temperature and pressure according to ASTM D2992 Procedure B and industry standards, such as API 15HR and 15LR.


Fiberspar™ pipe is a spoolable product (LPS) that consists of an inner thermoplastic pressure barrier that is reinforced by high strength glass fibers embedded in an epoxy matrix. LPS is intended for corrosive gathering and injection applications including general and sour produced fluids and gases. LPS is available with high density polyethylene or high temperature polyethylene pressure barriers with temperature ratings to 140° F, 180° F and 203° F, respectively. The result is high pressure pipe immune to corrosion.


Jointed line pipe for oil and gas production is manufactured in sizes ranging from 1½” through 36” (40 to 900mm) diameters and will handle pressures from 150 psi (1,03 MPa) to 4000 psi (27,6 MPa) depending on size and temperatures up to 212° F (100° C).

Application up to 150F (65 C)

Application up to 200F (93 C)

Application up to 212F (100 C)

Fiber Glass installation


Wenco Pty Ltd is specialized in Composite Piping Systems (Fibreglass) GRE, GRP & GRVE. We are the Leading Supplier and Installer of Composite and Mechanical Piping to the Mining, Oil & Gas and Construction Sector Providing Quality Piping Systems across Australia and around the globe. We provide fabrication and installation of fiberglass piping systems to help companies deal with the environmental issues created by the corrosion of steel pipe.

With 40+ years of experience in the fiberglass field Our Piping system has endless application, few listed below:

  • Saltwater and seawater lines
  • Oil field reinjection systems
  • Brackish water lines
  • Crude oil transmission lines
  • Fire protection systems
  • Temporary pipelines
  • Potable water lines
  • Electrical conduit
  • Waste water and sewage systems
  • General industrial service for mildly
  • Drainage systems corrosive liquids
  • Ballast water
  • Fresh water

We offer an extensive range of piping services:

  • Pipe erection
  • Pro spooling and Testing
  • On site repair and modifications
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • Hydro testing
  • Pigging
  • Bolt torqueing
  • Painting & Coating
  • Stress Analysis

Our personnel are trained and qualified to carry out hydro testing of all fabricated and installed piping systems using NATA certified and calibrated testing equipment. Wenco has in-house training facilities with training carried out by an ISO 14692 Part 4 approved and accredited trainer.

Fiber Glass Columns, Pressure, Tanks

Wenco design, manufacture and erect Field Storage Tanks, Reaction Vessels, Pressure Vessels, Wet Gas Electrostatic Precipitators, Scrubbing Systems, Exhaust Systems, Polymer Concrete Cells, Gratings, and Linings etc.


  • Fertiliser
  • Mining
  • Metallurgical
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Food Processing
  • Paper & pulp
  • Railways
  • Pigments and Dyestuff
  • Engineering
  • Paints
  • Textile


Majority of products are custom-made conforming to the International standards like:

  • BS 4994: 1987
  • ASTM D 3299 - 81
  • ASME - Section X
  • ASME RTP-1-2000
  • AD 2000 - Merkblatt N1 f. NBS Voluntary Products Standard, PS 15 - 69

Why GRP?

The MAIN characteristics of thermosets (literally 'setting under heat') is that they require curing, when they undergo a molecular cross-linking process which is irreversible and renders them infusible. They thus offer high thermal stability, plus good rigidity and hardness and resistance to creep. It also means that, once cured, the resin and its laminate cannot be reprocessed, except by methods of chemical break-down, which are currently under active development. For practical purposes, therefore, cured thermosetting resins can be recycled most effectively if ground to fine particles, when they can be incorporated into new laminates, as cost-effective fillers.

Thermosetting resins have little use as pure resin, but require addition of other chemicals to render them processable. For reinforced plastics, the compounds usually comprise a resin system (with curing agents, hardeners, inhibitors, plasticisers) and fillers and or reinforcement. The resin system provides the 'binder', to a large extent dictating the cost, dimensional stability, heat, chemical resistance and basic flammability. The reinforcement can influence these (particularly heat-and dimensional-stability), but the man effect is on tensile strength and toughness. High-performance fibres, of course, have a fundamental influence on cost.

Special fillers and additives can influence mechanical properties, especially for improvement in dimensional stability, but they are mainly used to confer specific properties, such as flame retardancy, UV stability or electrical conductivity.

Thermosetting resins are normally used in the liquid state and solidify and harden on curing. With some resins it is possible to part-cure and then hold the resin in what is termed the B-stage, for the cure to be completed at later time.

Fiber Glass Commercial Vessel

NOV Fiberglass Systems glass reinforced epoxy piping is chosen for all commercial vessels including specialized vessels, oil tankers, gas carriers, car carriers, bulk carriers, and container vessels. The latest series of large container carriers are all fitted with Bondstrand™ Series 2000M piping.


Over 900 meters of pipes of sizes from 1.5" to 20" are installed on these 18,000 TEUs Container vessels. The Triple E Vessels: Economies of Scale, Energy Efficient and Environmental Efficient, benefit from weight savings of over 54 tons (vs Schedule 40 Carbon Steel Pipe), the light weight translates into fuel economy advantage or higher load capacity.

Low Friction Factors

Users of piping product have long known that fi berglass piping has far lower friction factors than carbon steel piping. It is equally important to recognize the energy cost savings which accrue over the life of the installed system as a result of the lower friction factors. The largest savings is found simply in lower pumping costs where the power consumption can often be cut in half. This efficient pumping is maintained consistently throughout the life of the vessel, due to the smooth interior of the piping not fouling up.

Maintenance Free

A properly installed Bondstrand™ is a one-time installation which can last the life of a vessel needing little or no maintenance.

In Tanks

  • Water Ballast System
  • Vents
  • Sounding Pipes
  • Inert Gas Purge Lines
  • Cargo Pipes (for Tankers)

In Accommodation

  • Potable Water
  • Grey Water

In Machinery Space

  • Water Ballast System
  • Sea Water Cooling
  • Fresh Water Cooling
  • MGPS
  • Scrubber System
  • Ballast Water Treatment System

Fiber Glass Platforms

Wenco engineers and skilled personnel and highly experienced to carry out any form of work. Wenco owns a broad range of equipment to assist the fabrication processes including cutting, shearing, bending and rolling machines alongside Plasma Cutters, Metal Inert Gas Welding (MIG)/Flux Core, Manual Metal Arc Welding (Stick) and Tungsten Inert Gas Welding (TIG).

Our workshops are equipped with all the necessary facilities to carry out pre-fabrication of spools and platforms.

Our workshops are equipped with different facilities, few listed below:

  • In-house pipe spooling facilities
  • In-house material handling facilities
  • Welding equipment availabilities
  • Experienced skilled personnel's availability

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